Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Racism Thang- Go Jimmy Go! A morning Tirad

This morning I watched that idiot Joe Scarborough beat up on Jimmy Carter for saying something my friends and I have been talking about since Obama stepped on the national stage. What planet do these people live on if they cannot see the raciest context in the Far Right's critiques and rantings? "Morning Joe"'s host maintains that only a "small segment" are "loonies" and people said much worse things about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Yes, Joe should know he said a number of those nasty insults and insinuations. The former congressmen who never fails to use the "when I was there" tact when self-righteously explaining how the world works, brags about being from the "Redneck Riviera" and loves, in fact has made a career of the fact he is the only conservative who lives on the Upper West Side!Of course , according to him they love him, He's their Redneck! The word redneck alone is associated, is practically a codeword, for the Good Old Boy racism of the post Civil War south and the worship of the Deliverance mentality that scorns the true cultural values and commodities of the Southern Americana Cultural Experience iconizes its ignorance and its obesity not only below the belt fat crainial fat as wel .
What was infuriating about this was context, Scarborough was criticizing a speech writer whose has revealed the same moral superiority and know it all redneck attributes he shares with the ultimate ole boy himself "W". The book "Speechless" describes the woeful cocoon W and ,in many respests, the media blissfully dwell in. Like Claude Raines in "Casablanca" they are "Shocked...Shocked" that president Carter could claim that there are American right Wing Obama haters who are racists! It's hilarious Carter tells the truth and everybody spits coffee through there nose. The other person who got it right was Maureen Dowd who also laid it on the line. I have often heard and thought myself. as I know many on the Left,Center AND Right have: will this African American Man , elected by the people survive? The Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, no one is immune when hatred and ideology cross the river of sanity into chaos and violence. So really Joe who do you think your kidding- only yourself