Thursday, July 30, 2009

HL Menken was right- Will the stupid inherit the earth?

I am wondering if these polls are accurate. It seems to me by the time you take them, process them and all they are out of date like snaps shoots from last week. The bottleneck of government and special interests at the top of the political food chain is one of the gifts of the twenty-four hour news cycle to the American public in the sense, that we can see it so clearly. What is also apparent is how we, as the audience, are subjected to a divide and conquer strategy my the media mavens.
the "Birthers" stuff is a great example because the people who you have to "de-program" will never permit that to happen. The result is the lunatics may not run the asylum but they certainly sit on the board.
Glenn Beck, for example, failed former drive time shock jock, now a multi-millionaire pundit, who hasn't got a clue about anything real at all, can drive a story by just saying stupid outrageous things and the cycle picks it up and extends the story for weeks.
The perversion of communication in allowing the empty headed and those with agendas that are entirely selfish is a problem that has nowhre reached the level of toxicity that it will.
As we watch the Right's planned destruction of Barack Obama those who brought him to the dance should be very cautious because they succeded in getting him there but it is not even ten persent of the battle that must be waged to transform America from what it has become to where it should be. If this place is supposed to be the envy of the world as the Right suggests then they should do a lot more soul searching and a lot less ass kissing and hold some of their "voices" accountable.
I am not optimistic HL Menken, whose diaries I am now perusing was correct when he said, "no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public"
I heard a fascinating statistic the other day, Obama got over 78% of the vote of people who were college graduates and the reverse was true of the McCain. This staticitc was true in regions where the population is more highly educated the North and the West and the R's held tight with the less educated white populations. This is a troubling statistic because it implies that if you are uneduacted the party for you is the R's and ,more importantly, the smarter you are the more you realize how much the Republican Party, the Right specifically is cashing in on ignorance within the population. Once you smarten up those guys like Beck, William Kristol, Ann Coulter, Malkin Hamity (the list is long and frankly sad) don't seem to bright. How could one possibly listen to Sarah Palin and think she could be in charge of anything but a car poll and pull it off.
However, as I have declared a homestead on the edge and really don't desire a mainstrean perspective, I am not optimistic for the "mainstream" white American who cannot come to grips with the fact that 53% of the country actually followed their better angels last November and forone did the right thing instead of the RIGHT thing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Montini piece

Wonderful piece by EJ Montini in the AZ Republic.

Understanding Whatever

Some things I just don't get. I don't understand how the morons that occupy the halls of government can't figure out this insurance thing. I'm so sick of hearing everyone on TV ,who have insurance, take their respective sides. Most of them will not know ,nor will they understand anything until they go through it personally or have someone they love go through it.
It's the same thing with the "RACE" deal. I'm thinking Obama gets it way better than a white cop or a white union leader. All this respect bullshit for the police is hyperbolic posturing and bias AND racism.
People has anybody actually come right out front and said that the "Birthers", sounds like a sequel to a horror film, as in Racists 2:the Birthers, is nothing more than that blatant racist shock that a black AMERICAN man could be elected president.
These guys and gals went for it with the Rev. Wright and every other angle they could figure on now they are on this- and it is pathetic, disparate and scary. The most pathetic thing is the congress guys shucking and jiving where they come down on it all as the video shows-remember America you elect these baboons (sorry Monkeys I do you a disservice)


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal or Terminal- Tom Watson!

I don't give a flying whatever if he wins or looses the fact that Watson is in a play-off for the British Open is sensational. This should light the fires of ambition in every post 50 Boomer on the planet.
Watson came to play and he PLAYED. He played better then the guy who is reinventing the game. That Woods guy didn't even make the cut. Inspiration for all us dreamers and doers who do things because it is "what we do" so why stop? Watson has shown us all a thing or two about hanging in and dreaming.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I can only hope that many Americans are watching the Hearings. It is appalling the way they have treated her, the Republican Senators that is. Sessions, Graham, Hatch all come off like a bunch of nasty hacks. If anything they show how dumb and condescending they are. These pasty faced guys with jowls, bad haircuts and bellies hanging over their belts are cliches of white entitlement,hubris and supercilious attitude. Cockburn (is that right) with his "I'm a Doctor" aura was particularly offensive with his " 'splainin' to do" comment that showed he and his fellow Conservatives really want nothing to to with anybody other than White Guys. They are so dense and superficial they don't even realize they are racists or at the least racially insensitive. This is not about political correctiness this is plain old ordinary mutual respect instad of condescension. a pox on them!
Keep in mind however wining this is the best revenge just the way things are right now is driving them crazy and no amount of Viagra will cure their impotence.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh I am nostalgic for Paris. I have not been in nine years and I want to walk down chilly streets in the fall wearing a pea coat and scarf smoking a cigarette while the city's music wafts out from every shop,bistro and cafe creating a montage of wonderful noise. My friend Tiberio and I sitting in a cafe talking smack and art!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Confirming the obvious= A Billy Rant!

Watching some of the Senate confirmation hearings today was an infuriating exercise in hostility and impotence. Senator Jeff Sessions is by far the most offensive senator to come down the pike in a long long while. Senator Sessions when nominated for a Federal Judgeship could not even get confirmed by his own Republican majority such was the extent of his proven racist leanings and prejudices. The idea that this pompous know nothing political hack is cross examining Judge Sotomoyor was insulting to the Judge as well as the citizens of this country. He isn't worthy of being in the same room with the Judge other than staring up at her as a defendant in some criminal case case for which , I'm sure, he has been lucky enough up to this moment to avoid. One can only assume a Honky of his character has a cemetery's worth of metaphoric corpus delecti of criminality and ethical lapses. Sessions is a classic claptrap Southern blowhard who has stroked, bullied and stomped his way to the halls of power. Of course we have close behind Orin "hack" Hatch the many who never met a TV camera he didn't love. When all else fails get hack to "dither" for five minutes and do his usually wiggle wobble big "C" consevative tap dance. Hatch fancies himself a songwriter he is a talented at this as Ashcroft and Trent Helmet Head Lott were singers. However the usual advice of ""dont give up the day job" does not apply. PLEASE give up your day job and for the sake of the United States I'll buy your CD" if you resign!
The entire Republican Party now consists of the loosers being lead by the third raters. None of these guys ever meant a thing six years ago. Collectively they are the last of the fouth rate back benchers who were left standing and inherited the vast wasteland the once was the Kingdom of the GOP? Good Lord I feel like I need a shower after watching the sleaze balls.

Hello Again -One Year After Life After Death

One year ago tomorrow I collapsed in front of my wife Gwen as she was calling 911.
Sparing the ugly details (the lawyers advise) I nearly died. The surgeon who saved my life told my wife and I'm paraphrasing he did not know the outcome. I awoke in ICU and here we are. In the last year I graduated with a BA in English Lit from ASU, taught a bunch of budding Rock and Roll icons, wrote and am writing new songs and prose and, most importantly, helped my dear wife get through HER bout with the big C. She is now clear and clean. This getting old is not for the feint of heart but it is a hell of a ride and frankly the other option is not particularly attractive to me.
I was pretty thankful for my life at the time I went down I only became more appreciative of it.
I am a big believer in the "Wherever you go there you are!" theory of life which to me simply means you travel the road and what goes down goes down and try not to step on anything living while you're walking. That bug you just "*Godzilled" might have been a relative in a past life. Think about that when you have your next IN and OUT Burger-Could that be uncle Guido?

*That's a word I just made up that means being treated like a Tokyo resident who finds himself beneath the contempt and foot of a nuked up hopped up giant lizard- synonym would be Konged.
Anyway-here I go!