Thursday, July 16, 2009

I can only hope that many Americans are watching the Hearings. It is appalling the way they have treated her, the Republican Senators that is. Sessions, Graham, Hatch all come off like a bunch of nasty hacks. If anything they show how dumb and condescending they are. These pasty faced guys with jowls, bad haircuts and bellies hanging over their belts are cliches of white entitlement,hubris and supercilious attitude. Cockburn (is that right) with his "I'm a Doctor" aura was particularly offensive with his " 'splainin' to do" comment that showed he and his fellow Conservatives really want nothing to to with anybody other than White Guys. They are so dense and superficial they don't even realize they are racists or at the least racially insensitive. This is not about political correctiness this is plain old ordinary mutual respect instad of condescension. a pox on them!
Keep in mind however wining this is the best revenge just the way things are right now is driving them crazy and no amount of Viagra will cure their impotence.

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