Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Again -One Year After Life After Death

One year ago tomorrow I collapsed in front of my wife Gwen as she was calling 911.
Sparing the ugly details (the lawyers advise) I nearly died. The surgeon who saved my life told my wife and I'm paraphrasing he did not know the outcome. I awoke in ICU and here we are. In the last year I graduated with a BA in English Lit from ASU, taught a bunch of budding Rock and Roll icons, wrote and am writing new songs and prose and, most importantly, helped my dear wife get through HER bout with the big C. She is now clear and clean. This getting old is not for the feint of heart but it is a hell of a ride and frankly the other option is not particularly attractive to me.
I was pretty thankful for my life at the time I went down I only became more appreciative of it.
I am a big believer in the "Wherever you go there you are!" theory of life which to me simply means you travel the road and what goes down goes down and try not to step on anything living while you're walking. That bug you just "*Godzilled" might have been a relative in a past life. Think about that when you have your next IN and OUT Burger-Could that be uncle Guido?

*That's a word I just made up that means being treated like a Tokyo resident who finds himself beneath the contempt and foot of a nuked up hopped up giant lizard- synonym would be Konged.
Anyway-here I go!

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