Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Understanding Whatever

Some things I just don't get. I don't understand how the morons that occupy the halls of government can't figure out this insurance thing. I'm so sick of hearing everyone on TV ,who have insurance, take their respective sides. Most of them will not know ,nor will they understand anything until they go through it personally or have someone they love go through it.
It's the same thing with the "RACE" deal. I'm thinking Obama gets it way better than a white cop or a white union leader. All this respect bullshit for the police is hyperbolic posturing and bias AND racism.
People has anybody actually come right out front and said that the "Birthers", sounds like a sequel to a horror film, as in Racists 2:the Birthers, is nothing more than that blatant racist shock that a black AMERICAN man could be elected president.
These guys and gals went for it with the Rev. Wright and every other angle they could figure on now they are on this- and it is pathetic, disparate and scary. The most pathetic thing is the congress guys shucking and jiving where they come down on it all as the Firedoglake.com video shows-remember America you elect these baboons (sorry Monkeys I do you a disservice)


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