Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here i go again

Oh well I'll give this another shot. The political world is too nuts not to stick in my two cents- the crazy Bachman is history - Perry is going to humiliate himself some more by going to Carolina and New Hampshire and Santorum is on a roll.
Santorum is by far the wackiest of all- the more I hear him the more he makes Michelle B. seem sane. Santorum is a fascist- if you listen to him what he want to do more than anything is impose his rigid Roman Catholic orthodoxy on America. at every turn this is what he preaches. He is way more stiff backed than a Southern Baptist. He is a rock headed Italian American and being one in the same he is stubborn and will not bend-
He is also totally unelectable because of this. Once he starts talking to anybody outside of the Right Wing of Iowa who were ditching Newt, they will run from him like school children fleeing a nun with a ruler in detention.