Monday, July 13, 2009

Confirming the obvious= A Billy Rant!

Watching some of the Senate confirmation hearings today was an infuriating exercise in hostility and impotence. Senator Jeff Sessions is by far the most offensive senator to come down the pike in a long long while. Senator Sessions when nominated for a Federal Judgeship could not even get confirmed by his own Republican majority such was the extent of his proven racist leanings and prejudices. The idea that this pompous know nothing political hack is cross examining Judge Sotomoyor was insulting to the Judge as well as the citizens of this country. He isn't worthy of being in the same room with the Judge other than staring up at her as a defendant in some criminal case case for which , I'm sure, he has been lucky enough up to this moment to avoid. One can only assume a Honky of his character has a cemetery's worth of metaphoric corpus delecti of criminality and ethical lapses. Sessions is a classic claptrap Southern blowhard who has stroked, bullied and stomped his way to the halls of power. Of course we have close behind Orin "hack" Hatch the many who never met a TV camera he didn't love. When all else fails get hack to "dither" for five minutes and do his usually wiggle wobble big "C" consevative tap dance. Hatch fancies himself a songwriter he is a talented at this as Ashcroft and Trent Helmet Head Lott were singers. However the usual advice of ""dont give up the day job" does not apply. PLEASE give up your day job and for the sake of the United States I'll buy your CD" if you resign!
The entire Republican Party now consists of the loosers being lead by the third raters. None of these guys ever meant a thing six years ago. Collectively they are the last of the fouth rate back benchers who were left standing and inherited the vast wasteland the once was the Kingdom of the GOP? Good Lord I feel like I need a shower after watching the sleaze balls.

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  1. Speaking as one of the Republican "loosers" you describe, I'd like to say I'm glad you started a blog. I'm still tapping away in anonymity on my own:
    Anyway, the challenge is to keep it going. I know you won't have any trouble, you've always had quite a lot to say.
    I trust all is well with you and give my best to the Mrs.