Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arlen Spector and the Penn Crazies

I just watched Arlen Spector ( of whom I am no fan) defending himself and the Health Care plan(s)
in a Town Hall meeting and it was enlightening not for them but for me. While people say they can't understand the plan(s) I couldn't understand half the questions. For example a relatively young women reading from a paper asked the senator how he was going to protect the Constitution and get back to its true meaning. I would like to ask her when was the last time she read that document. All these "citizens" who claim they want their country back I ask them:back from what?
I keep looking at these people many of whom are overweight, badly dressed and ill spoken and abysmally ignorant of most up the facts. All seem incredibly paranoid and sure that they are so important individually once the government has their medical records that they, the Black helicopters are going to make a point of rounding them up. Maybe its me I'm willing to concede that I am not a person who has ever wanted a normal existence and I thrive on living outside the what people consider the "real world" I am a musician and artist so I don't really cotton to normalcy as America sees it but that does not make me any less hard working and tax paying as a "citizen" . For me all that mom and apple pie stuff is for the birds but like everybody else I do need access to health care, as does my beloved wife and we each had life threatening illnesses in the last year and know all to well about insurance and medical expenses, and the stupidity of these so called everyday people is shocking.

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