Sunday, August 2, 2009

Michelle Malkin- Not ready for Prime Time

Watching Michelle Malkin today on Sunday with George was a revelation. Malkin was clearly not ready to deal with people who would not let her get away with her claptrap scatterbrained, tinged with self hatred, illogical meanderings. The Mary Queen of Scots to Ann Coulter's Elizabeth (notice you never see them together) was clearly nervous at the round table and Atlanta's Cynthia Tucker seemed embarrassed she was at the same table with the likes of Malkin. It is true that Malkin's presence diminished the TV gravitas of "This Week". Trouble was it was not even good TV the rest of the panel shot her down at times appearing not to even acknowledge her perspective. I would term it intellectual fly swatting. One particularly egregious moment came when Malkin impled that the unemployment extensions currently keeping literally millions barely afloat were disincentives and encouraging people not to find jobs. She basically called everyone on unemployment lazy loafers who don't want to work- Hey you out there of the 10-20% truly out of work how does that strike ya. Clearly they were auditioning Malkin to see if she could hold her own
with people who actually know what they are talking about- I would of loved to see her with George Will-to observe how he would hard he would swallow and if he could tolerate her ignorance because she is "Conservative". As for the audition?.....NEXT!

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