Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Madame Justice and Spector's Crazy

What a wonderful moment in American his to see the new justice and the president standing side by side and to hear both of their inspiring words. Its in these precious moments we know we are a great and good country. Then they have the moron who confronted Spector yesterday on MSNBC and you realize the we are also infested with idiots. I swear even the host Dylan -whatever his name is- seemed embarrassed by it. The fool claims Obama broke his oath of office and the constitution by appointing Czars(!)-He absolutely made no sense what so ever. Perhaps he has an illness or something that prevents him from speaking in complete sentences because he truly seemed either so nervous he could not talk or, and I say this with all due respect (*as Bill O would say), he is slightly retarded. He was babbling and I honestly do not think he was all there. It was a weird television moment because if he is representative of that opposition to health care reform they are in trouble. He needs medical attention or meds immediately and I say this with complete seriousness. He was rather pathetic frankly. The contrast between the two events could not have been more stark . The guy was right out of "Deliverance". It was not his fault if he is slow it's the people who put him up to the appearence and if I were a Republican I would keep him far away from a TV studio.

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