Sunday, August 16, 2009

Elvis Rest In Peace

I thinks its like this. people are like pendulums as good as you can be is as bad as you can be. I suppose this might explain Elvis and Nixon and all the corruption that sometimes evolves from those with the best and initially, purest of intentions.
What Elvis left to the world far outweighs any of his negatives. The people who are responsible for Elvis's down hill ride besides himself, are the same people, for example who never told him the pants were too short of that stupid sequined white suit and who told him to stop wearing black leather. They really never got it in the first place they were along for the vampire ride and Elvis went along with it because we all know "Its great to be King"-He got lost as we all do and that's why I like the rest of us still love him he did "Treat Me Nice" Sorry that's been bugging me forever.

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