Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sick of the Bull S#%*$ and Newt

Listening to the "heads" this morning was interesting and seeing Newt absolutely stymied by Howard Dean and even called out by George for his BS was a understated laugh riot. I am really tired of people talking about how smart Newt is. The pain fact is the bloated bag of fecal material and flatulence is a screech voiced charlatan who might as well read a "for sale" sign on his forehead. One look at this guy and you realize he is everything bad about politics not to mention healthy living what is he 50 -75 pounds surly teetering on morbidly obese. A monumental failure as a majority leader, whose own tattered and tawdry personal life undid him as he was railing against Bill Clinton, a total hypocrite. he never fails to come down on the wrong side of every issue. One thing you can guarantee is he will come down on the side that benefits him the most.
Gingrich did nothing when he had power except try and destroy Clinton and in turn destroyed himself. Anyone who would trust this recently converted Roman Catholic deserves it. That is what is truly scary as one wonders if America gets what it deserves, we hope with Obama we have lifted ourselves above these slimy hypocrites with our current president but as one looks at the idiots demonstarting against their own best interest if we , as Americans don't deserve the likes of a slimy lizard-Newt


  1. Talk straight, Billy. Do you like Newt, or don't you?

  2. I watched that segment also and was jumping up and down the way Dean manhandled that piece of hot smelly chit.

    The way that pile of dung avoided the direct question was typical of the reptilian party.

    Keep up the fight brother.. Peace!

  3. Can't stomach the son of a bitch!